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MaintenanceDon’t wait until its broken - phone NOW and we'll give your electrical system a Free of charge visual inspection which will include a visual check of distribution equipment, earthing conductors & bonding as well as the general condition of wiring / accessories.

We’ll prepare you a routine maintenance plan including breakdown cover to suit your needs.

We are the first phone call our existing customers make when they have electrical problems because they know we’ll do everything we can to get them operating smoothly again.


Colston Bassett & District Dairy Ltd has employed the services of JBB Electrical Ltd for over 20 years. Throughout this time we have enjoyed a professional, efficient and most importantly reliable service.

When making cheese we keep unsociable hours but on many occasions the team at JBB Electrical have answered our call and gone the extra mile.

Billy Kevan
General Dairy Manager Colston Bassett Dairy Ltd


Phone 01509 852573 and let us look after your electrics while you look after your business.

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