Refrigeration plant control wiring

JBB Electrical have worked as a sub-contractors for me over the last 30 years.

Their professional approach along with their first class workmanship is outstanding. The quality of the work carried out by their electricians can be summed up by the reduction in time that is required when carrying out commissioning new installations and when they are assisting in fault finding existing systems.

Bruce Burton
General Manager - Nottingham GEA Refrigeration UK Limited

Refrigeration plant

JBB Electrical have been supplying control panels and carrying out electrical installations for the refrigeration industry for over 40 years.

Our design and installation teams understand the conditions and pressures on refrigeration contractors. We understand how refrigeration systems work and how to control them.

We have experience of most of the “off the shelf” controllers and have programmers to write bespoke software when required.  

This experience helps us meet deadlines on time, within budgets and saves the refrigeration engineers time throughout the installation and more importantly during commissioning allowing the Refrigeration companies to meet there deadlines and budgets

Our design and installation teams have designed control panels, written software and carried out installations in most of the major supermarkets, for major food producers, on industrial sites from Rolls-Royce to Ford requiring chillers and in hospital mortuaries and operating theatres.

As we’ve been in the industry for many years we can offer assistance with fault finding, repairs and extensions to old and existing systems.

We guarantee that our designs and installations will meet your needs otherwise you won’t pay our bills.

JBB Electrical have an extensive knowledge of building electrical infrastructure, machinery controls and fault finding the team have always managed to find a solution and never let us down.

L Collins
Technical Director Oak Refrigeration


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